Quillo Talk is the Calligraphers Guild’s newsletter. It is produced each month and distributed to our members with information, articles and details of upcoming events and activities. Country and city members who are unable to attend meetings rely on the newsletter for up to date information on the happenings within the Guild.

Each month the front cover is designed by a different Guild member giving all members a chance to use and display their creative talents. Members have the option to have their birthday date published in the Quillo to encourage the exchange of handmade cards, which are often brought and displayed at meetings.

Workshops are an important part of the Guild and Quillo Talk contains reports on recent workshops written by members who have participated. The newsletter also contains a notice board providing information on events, workshops, exhibitions, etc. as well as some useful tips and the minutes from the previous meeting.

Quillo Editor Jeanette Fuller and sub editor Jacqui Mallard are producing a fabulous newsletter and well worth the membership fee for this alone.