Past Workshops

“Deep Practice Sound Learning” – A Zoom Workshop held by Gemma Black
Thanks to Martin and Susie for organising all the technical requirements which went off without a hitch. Another great workshop presentation by Gemma with much thought provoking work for us to continue on with.

Martin Dickie “Celtic Braids” April and May 2023

Sue Hopkins

The Calligraphers’ Guild holds workshops on a regular basis using local, interstate or overseas tutors. Subjects are calligraphic or related to calligraphy and many are suitable for beginners and more advanced calligraphers alike.

“Bones”Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls

Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls “Sacred Geometery” October 2020

Sue Hopkins “Pencil and graphite” workshop August 2020

Past Workshops include: Yves Leterme April 2019 with his workshop “From Formal to Gestural”

Lorendana Zega from Slovenia in September 2018

Gemma Black 2016 “Purely Pencils 2”