Royal Agricultural Show

This year’s Show runs from 21st to 28th September 2024 so members can start early planning for the Calligraphy Exhibition.
Classes will be as last year, including the non-judged Experimental class. Two entries are permitted for the Open class.

For beginners the text is the following:
Silence is the medium in which great things fashion themselves.
Thomas Carlyle

Please encourage any new calligraphers to plan to enter and submit this simple sentence as last year there were no Beginners’ entries at all!

Lastly there is the Special Theme, ‘The Farmyard’ for which two entries are also permitted.
There should be enough here for experienced RAS calligraphers to plan their works.
If you have not entered before, please contact Martin Dickie, the Guild’s RAS coordinator who will be able answer any questions you may have, or speak to a member who has entered the RAS previously